Design Travel Group


Marienne Guberina is the owner and luxury travel specialist at Design Travel Group. With over 26 years in the travel industry. She has been on all sides of the desk. An avid traveller with high expectations of how clients should be treated. Marienne has extensive experience as a leader in her field, she has spent years training other travel consultants on providing exceptional customer service. She has had an international posting as a business improvement manager for one of the biggest global travel agencies working abroad along with being part of the support team that fixed issues that clients were experiencing while on their travels. She is passionate about travel – especially leisure travel, helping her clients recharge, reconnect and experience new adventures.

She believes that when it comes to travel luxury means different things to different people for some it’s the most amazing hotel and a Michelin star restaurant, flying up the front of the plane or in a private jet, for others it’s just being able to take time out for themselves and meditate and those that just want the opportunity to have an authentic experience and get off the beaten track. She still loves to receive new enquiries and works very closely with clients coming up with something special for them. Much of her time is spent travelling, seeking out what is new in the industry and maintaining her global connections – all to make her customers experience fantastic.

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